Discovering Mid-Century Florentine Decor January 27 2015 142 Comments

One of my favorite things to find at yard sales and flea markets is mid-century Florentine decor. These items are instantly recognizable by their gilded appearance and ornate, romantic detailing. One of the most recognizable brands is "Florentia," which features wall plaques, bookends, jewelry boxes, tissue boxes, tables - you name it! They are usually hand-crafted in Italy and made of lightweight wood.  

I also love the Florentine/Italian trays, which can be made of wood or resin and come in a variety of styles, all very glamorous!

 I especially like when the plaques or trays are grouped together and hung on a wall - they definitely make a statement!  

I have been waiting for Florentia to start making appearances in home magazines, especially since I have been seeing gold everywhere in stores. It was only a matter of time - there are several lovely Florentine items featured in the January/February issue of Victoria Magazine.  

Victoria features a table, letter holder, and I believe a trinket box in these photos:


I will be keeping an eye out for Florentia on my hunts, so look for more items to be added to Golden Fancies soon!