Make These Spooky Halloween Frames! October 19 2015 136 Comments

If you are like me, you just might enjoy the unexpected combination of scary and pretty in Halloween decor, like these cool framed prints that you can easily make at home!  This is a really fun, inexpensive project.  

First, you will need to gather your materials.  You can use old frames that you have around the house or pick up some vintage ones from Goodwill, a thrift shop, or a flea mall.  I like gold ones (surprise, surprise), but you can spray paint them any color that you like!  You will also need paper (heavier stock is best) and a printer.  

Now you need to find some creepy images.  There are lots of websites online that have free, non-copyrighted images that you can print out.  One that we like is  For a more personal touch, you could scan old family Halloween photos and print them out in black and white.  

After you print out the image that you want to use, you simply remove the glass from the frame, trace it around the image, cut it out, and insert.  Voila!  

Additionally, black ribbon is a nice, spooky touch for hanging.  You can either tie it to the frame or glue it to the back.  Hang pictures individually or grouped together for extra eerie effect.  

Another cool option is to make this framed spider decoration.  For this you need a frame, thread or string, and a plastic spider (obviously).  

Drape the thread or string across the cardboard backing to create a nice web pattern, then pull it tight.  Secure the thread to the back of the cardboard with glue or tape.  Then use a glue gun to attach the plastic spider.  

Enjoy your creepy creations and have a very scary Halloween!