Vintage Daher Tins

$ 12.99

Charming set of two vintage tins designed by Daher and made in England. They feature a floral design with very pretty, vibrant colors and gold accents. One lid is hinged and the other twists off. These would be an adorable accent to a kitchen shelf! 


These tins are in good vintage condition. Minimal wear and loss of paint. There is a bit of discoloration on the inside of the tin with the twist-off lid and what looks like a few small rust spots on the interior of the tin with the hinged lid. There are a few small scratches/worn off paint spots on the bottom of the twist tin, due partly to someone writing on it with permanent marker (which I removed, just took a bit of paint with it, unfortunately).

Approximate Measurements:

Tin with hinged lid is 4-1/4" in height and the tin with the twist-off lid is 4-3/4" in height; both tins are 4-1/8" in diameter at the bottom.

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